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BioAgenasol is a slow-release organic fertilizer plant, produced from natural raw materials in establishments of AGRANA Stärke GmbH in Austria.

BIOAGENASOL contains a percentage of organic matter of 85-90% and 5.5% nitrogen

other components:



For the production of BioAgenasol are used  raw materials OGM free, such as wheat, corn, sugar beets and potatoes grown in  Austria.

BioAgenasol is applied with  spreader to ensure an uniform application, normal it is suggested to prevent their deployment with strong wind. The optimal application is burying some cm. the product in such a way as to accelerate their activty.

Advantages of using BioAgenasol:

  • It has a rapid initial action with a constant release of long duration.
  • It is totally vegetable.
  • It has no unpleasant odor (malty/toast).
  • It has a high resistance to leaching than the more common fertilizers.
  • It improves water retention capacity, prevents soil compaction by encouraging the growth of the root system.
  • It starts to work even at low temperatures (10°).
  • It promotes the formation of humus due to the high amount of nutrients.
  • Not pose any risk to people or animals,
  • It does not cause burns in case of excessive application.